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Curtin University
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International

Planning Policies and Procedures

Curtin's Planning, Policies and Procedures guide the University's current and future policies and dealings with private, commercial and government parties by ensuring all relevant national and international legislature is followed. Further information about Curtin’s Collaborative Education Services Policy, and other policies and resources can be seen below.

Autonomous Sanctions

In 2012, an update to the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 was passed by the Australian federal parliament to incorporate further sanctions specific to a group of countries. The Australian Act  supplements and extends  United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions, and provides for the prohibition of certain activities, transactions and actions by Australian individuals, organisations and any operations that are engaged in by these entities, whether in Australia or offshore. There are also restrictions on financial transactions for number of countries and individuals. The Act also provides for strict criminal liability for any breaches.

Universities are included as organisations that are required to apply these restrictions due to the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology that may occur in sanctioned industries or areas. Further information regarding the sanctions can be found at  Sanctions  apply to Curtin offshore and onshore campuses, including Singapore, Sarawak and Sydney, and any other arrangements that involve enrolment of students at Curtin University.

In response to the requirements of this legislation, Curtin has developed a risk management framework and resources that are available for Curtin staff to use in their management of students and other areas considered to fall within sanctions laws.

Autonomous sanctions forms and procedures

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Planning and administration

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Policy and procedures

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Policy forms

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